About Churchill PTSA

The Winston Churchill High School PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association) is a grass roots organization that brings parents and educators together so they can work towards improving the lives and education of students.

We provide parents and teachers with a way to share their experience and knowledge
about students. Our members support public education and work to improve our children's health and safety, whether that means fundraising for school supplies, educating parents, helping teachers, or fighting for legislation to ensure every student gets a high-quality education.

Our PTSA work independently promoting the welfare of children enrolled at WCHS. We work together with principals, school boards and other community leaders to make sure your concerns are heard and needs are met. The Montgomery County Council of Parent Teacher Associations serves 183 local PT(S)As. Nearly 50,000 parents, teachers and people in our community advocate to support the mission of PT(S)A and speak out on behalf of students, teachers and citizens in our community.

How to Join Churchill PTSA

Anyone can be part of WCHS PTSA. Please download the membership form from here. Return this membership form with your payment, cash or check made out to WCHS PTSAto: Churchill's Front Office or mail to: WCHS PTSA, 11300 Gainsborough Rd, Potomac, MD 20854

Get the 2014-2015 PTSA Membership Form!!


Churchill-blips is a one way communication tool that we use to keep parents and community members informed. You can subscribe it here.

You may also read all 2013-2014 issues of Churchill-blips here and the PTSA flyers here.

All Churchill-blips submissions can be sent to churchillblips@gmail.com.

Workshops and Events

Upcoming MCPS Parent Academy workshops and events can be found here.
Upcoming MCCPTA workshops and events can be found here.
Upcoming YMCA of Metropolitan Washington workshops and events can be found here.